Sunday, March 16, 2008

Very good, Yojimbo!

Saki Knafo, a/k/a the greatest journalist in the world, has a nice piece today on contemporary Gotham butlerdom. It includes a bit of demented play-acted dialogue:

MR. ROBINSON: Oh, God! Oh, who is this?
MR. CHARTER: It’s the butler, sir.
MR. ROBINSON: Oh, Edward, is that you?
MR. CHARTER: Yes, it is, sir.
MR. ROBINSON: Oh, thank you! Oh, God! You’ve rescued me from the most hideous of nightmares, Edward.

There is also this alarming quote: “Ironically,” Mr. Negron said, “a lot of people don’t realize that samurais originally developed from butlers. The word means someone who served. The lords were rich people, and the samurais would do everything, including protection.”



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