Sunday, March 09, 2008

Name of the Year

It's March, so that means it's time to fill out your bracket for the Name of the Year. There are a lot of compelling matchups this year - and voting is almost over for the first round, so be sure to head over and exercise your democratic right. It's a loaded ballot, with favorites Destiny Frankenstein, Fabio Assalone, and Reprobatus Bibbs having strong showings so far (although Clarence Clapsaddle is giving Assalone a good fight).

I spent hours debating the battle between Metallica Tomoro and Johnny Moustache, eventually tipping in favor of facial hair. My upset special is Gasoline Hunter over heavily favored ElRazor Sharp. But my overall favorite must be Alpacino Beauchamp, who was so named after his mother watched John Travolta repeat Al Pacino's name over and over during a scene in Saturday Night Fever. It's that kind of powerful anecdote that gives the Name of the Year tourney it's everlasting appeal.



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