Thursday, March 06, 2008

One Ouroboros and maybe two more

I. From Dizzyhead Dan—a classic!:

—Tintin in the Congo

I.5 Joke: If you don't turn down the volume on that audiobook version of the new Hergé biography, you might get TINTIN-nus.

II. Is the movie Once a sort of Ouroboros? After the recording session, the producer takes the band for a ride so that they can listen to the CD in the car...a CD that would (in the world of the movie) be more or less identical with the Once soundtrack (in the world of the world).

II.5 Joke: When Glenn Hansard's group covers "Oblivious," they are known as the RODDY FRAMES.

III. I finally found my copy of Adam Thirlwell's delightful book-length study of literary style The Delightful States, which I had begun around the time of the BIRTH OF DUNCAN and then was under a stack of books by the couch, OF COURSE THAT'S WHERE IT WAS, anyway it was nice to stumble upon it, and I finished the chapter I was in the middle of.

Ummmm————oh yes, Ouroboros. So all of a sudden, on p. 302, he writes: "Just as when reading Cervantes, Flaubert, or many other novelists in The Delighted States..." Referring to your own book by its title before it is over! Love it! Dizzyhead challenge: Other books where this happens?

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Blogger Scott said...

Do the metafiction authors count? If On A Winter's Night A Traveler refers to its own title right in the opening sentence. Too easy?

The Thirlwell example reminds me more of the part in Spaceballs where they watch the videotape of the movie before the movie's over.

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