Monday, March 10, 2008

Silence, cunning...Exile Cinema!

The Atkinson-edited Exile Cinema is out! Mike's blog has more details. Order here! Hampton, Clover, Kite! Winter, Halter, Park! Sinagra! Maddin! Toles! Oh and Lim! And more....Klawans?! Yes, I think so...

Speaking of the Limster—time to read his NYT piece on Manoel de Oliveira:
The cultural critic Edward Said, in his writings on “late style,” identified two versions of “artistic lateness.” One produces crowning glories, models of “harmony and resolution” in which a lifetime of knowledge and mastery are serenely evident. The other is an altogether more restless sensibility, the province of artists who go anything but gently into that good night, turning out works of “intransigence, difficulty and unresolved contradiction.”

Mr. Oliveira, force of nature that he is, represents both kinds of lateness, often in a single film. In this, as in so many other respects, he is his own special case. What are we to make of an artist who hit his stride in his 70s, and for whom “late style” is in effect the primary style?

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