Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wag the dog

Earlier I wondered about the spelling of "Jaime" Sommers, the main character in the Bionic Woman. Is "Jaime" a new twist (post–Jaime Pressly) on the more phonetically clear "Jamie," or was it ever thus? (Our "j'aime/je n'aime pas" contest got me thinking about it in the first place.) Check out what Dizzies chief of research Hannah dug up:

According to the Immediate Past President of the American Name Society, Lindsay Wagner's Bionic Woman was indeed a J-A-I-M-E. Ms. Pressly was born in the middle of the show's run. He adds, "Some people have speculated that the spelling Jaime was a deliberate alteration so that the name looks like the French phrase 'J'aime,' which means 'I love.' But it may just be an arbitary [sic] respelling of Jamie. Though not quite as common a practice as it is today, there were plenty of people back in the 1970s who would respell names to make them more 'unique.'"

Hannah wonders: "Might all this qualify as a ouroboros? Or is it more akin to a puppy chasing its own tail?"

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Blogger jaimewhite said...

I was born in January 1977 and am J-A-I-M-E as well. Every other Jaime I've met that was born in 1977 is also named after the Bionic Woman, including three other girls in my dorm my freshman year of college. I'd say it's a pretty safe bet Jaime Pressly was named after her too.

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