Monday, October 01, 2007

Upside-down and scrambled

Wasn't there already a Times piece on odd names? This one might be even better:

Hatred has its own story. Mr. Zenenga is one of seven children born to hard-working parents who were determined to educate their brood. The family’s rising status made the father’s illiterate brothers jealous. So except for the first child, who died as an infant, all the children were named to address the jealousy and other emotions that raged among the adults: Norest, Hatred, Praise, Confess, Raised-on and Abide.

Also in today's NYT, though oddly unavailable online: "Google's Name Attracts Lawsuits."

A Pennsylvania resident sued Google last month in federal court, claiming that his Social Security number turned upside down and scrambled spells the name Google. [The plaintiff] asked for $5 billion in damages.



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