Saturday, September 29, 2007

J'aime meme

Poet Ange Mlinko picks up the j'aime/je n'aime pas meme at the Harriet blog—a sample:

J'aime: All sweets, Alsatian Pinot Gris, Calvados. Peasant fare: minestrones, bourguignons, bouillabaisses, borschts. Paprika. Butter. Having someone else cook....

Je n'aime pas:

Crowds, arenas. Hiking, camping, wilderness. Sports. Onion/garlic powder. Takeout. Skyscrapers, corporate buildings, commercial parks. Midtown Manhattan.

* * *

J'aime has got me thinking about Jaime—specifically, "Jaime Sommers," the titular Bionic Woman. The current show stars Michelle Ryan as Jaime Sommers; but wasn't Lindsay Wagner, in the '70s original, playing "Jamie" Sommers? I was going to attribute the new spelling to the rise of My Name Is Earl Star Jaime Pressly...but now I wonder, have people always spelled "Jamie" as "Jaime"? To me, Jaime wants to be pronounced the Spanish way, High-may...Answers, please!

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Blogger Sarah Weinman said...

My older brother is named Jaime, and here is the convoluted reason why: Jamie, being short for James, is too close to my father's name Jack, and it's a no-no for Jews to name their children after living parents. So it became Jaime because that sounded like "hi-may" which is close enough to his Hebrew name Chaim - which was also my dead great-uncle's name, and that's who my brother is named after!

6:46 PM  
Blogger The New-York Ghost said...


Postscript: Now I wonder if the spelling of "Jaime" (for women) began as an unapostrophed variant of "J'aime"?...

7:03 PM  

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