Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Slate blue vs. bread!

From Dizzyhead Gautam:

I Like:

DVDs, cheese, right angles, pillows, T-shirts, clocks, magnets, posters, cats, chocolate, books, Dr Pepper, milk, rubber bands, photography, garlic, avocados, my iPod, Jack Daniels, paperbacks, the Criterion Collection, slate blue, pushpins, postcards, sandals, hardwood floors, rugs, fire escapes, the subway, coffee, mint, Gmail, roller ball pens, cracking my knuckles

I Dislike:

being bored at work, bread, waiting for the subway, tucking my shirt in, bad wireless connections, spam, loud talking, smoking, messiness, dogs, people who talk to me on the street, bad perfume, arrogance, conservatism, ketchup, people who stand still on both sides of the escalator, bugs, eyelashes that get stuck in my eye, dust, people who just don't get it, Ayn Rand, oily skin, blisters, unnecessary



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