Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Jamie's crying

Dizzyhead Hannah finds a likes/dislikes list...

Take a look at ELOISE. She's got those lists galore....For instance, from an early edition: "Here's what I like to do Make things up. Here's what I hate Peter Rabbit." [sic] and stuff, although I don't know if it is the website or the girl herself.

...and offers some insights into the Jaime/Jamie controversy:

[Here are] the relevant entries in THE OXFORD NAMES COMPANION, reordered for dramatic purposes --

Jamie (m.), occasionally (f.) 1. (m.) Scottish: pet form of JAMES, used especially among Lowland Scots, in contrast to the Highland form HAMISH, which is derived from a Gaelic form. 2. (f.) English (esp. U.S.): recent adoption as a feminine equivalent of JAMES, influenced by the fact that -ie has come to be regarded as a characteristically feminine ending, except in Scotland.

Jaime (m., f..) 1. (m.) Spanish form of JAMES. 2. (f.) English (esp. Canadian): apparently a respelling of the female name JAMIE.

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