Monday, October 16, 2006

Talking points

Two interviews I'm reading: Robert Kelly (at ReadySteadyBook) and Agota Kristof at Hungarian Literature Online (via the Literary Saloon). Both are writers I like based on a single book: The Scorpions and The Notebook, respectively. Some excerpts:


I write to pay back my debt. I write out of guilt, to fill the blank pages the world sets in front of me. When I say pay my debt, perhaps I should say pay my way. Giving back something, that is, transforming the energy that floods into us all from overwhelming presences of people and places, mountains and operas and sailboats and a hawk over my head.

Interviewer: Besides using a reduced language, you also leave a lot to the imagination in terms of narration. Sometimes we cannot even know where we are, when it is taking place and who is talking.
I used to write like that even in the stage plays. I do not name where it is happening and who to. I did not want to name anything.


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