Sunday, October 15, 2006

While You Were Out...

1. Many thanks to Matt Singer for tending the Dizzies bar while I was out doing...what was I doing? Disney—astonishingly cheesy superhero floats—the latest Clint Eastwood news...all topics beyond my ken!

Be sure to catch Singer's zingers at his usual roost, Termite Art. (Thanks also to Arlo Ogg for the Buffalo weather report and photo—also for Arlo's labors in checking up on the original Dizzies homestead, which was beset with power-failure-related woes.)

2. Something about Eliot Spitzer's urge to get out of Buffalo the night of the snowstorm, as reported in the Times, struck me as unseemly and less-than-gubernatorial, alas....

2. Two must-reads, now up at Slate: Dizzyheads Paul Collins on playing CBGB and Jessica Winter on Lynne Tillman's American Genius. The Tillman piece mentions her appearance in a book I've already raved about here, Dizzyhead Brandon Stosuy's Up Is Up, But So Is Down—which reminds me that Dizzyhead Ed Halter (I am sure all these people love being called "Dizzyheads") reviewed at the Paper That Shall Remain Nameless. I'm not going to link to stuff there anymore, if I can help it, but do want to point out this parenthetical bit:

So many of the writers in Up Is Up are past contributors to The Village Voice—as is the book's editor, music writer Brandon Stosuy—the tome could almost serve as tombstone for this paper's literary heyday.


3. Issue #4 of The New-York Ghost is coming soon—visit the site and send an e-mail to subscribe!


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