Thursday, October 12, 2006

The New York Film Festival, Briefly

Dizzies dean Ed Park has his Ten Words Project for reviewing everything in the entire world in just ten words. But for a writer of minimal talents and infinite sloth like myself, ten words is way too much. What can you say in ten words that can't be said in one? Well, okay, you can say nine other words. But, c'mon, one is enough. And in today's world there's so much competing stimulus, who has time for nine words?

Therefore, in the dual interests of culture and brevity, here are my one word reviews of the highlights from the 44th New York Film Festival:

The Go Master: Cautious.
Volver: Sassy.
Pan's Labyrinth: Ornate.
Triad Election: Cliché.
Little Children: Douchey.
The Host: Intense.
Inland Empire: Guh?


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