Friday, October 06, 2006

'Up Is Up' is out — The Limdex

1. Anyone with even a glimmer of interest in the New York Downtown writing scene should take a look at Brandon Stosuy's amazing (and beautifully produced) new book, Up Is Up, But So Is Down (the title of which I once mangled), out now from NYU. What a treasure trove! This is one of those books (I predict) that you won't read straight through, but rather dip into periodically for jolts of arcane energy and inspiring madness.

Pick hits so far: Thurston Moore's evocative little memoir, a hilarious East Village Eye cover depicting the death of punk (it's so stupid-great: on a bill with various "super new wave" acts is...Wayne Newton!), and the lyrics to Richard Hell's "Blank Generation" (somehow deeply satisfying to remember how he leaves a blank for the word "Blank" its second appearance in the chorus!).

2. Here's more from the Dennis Lim archives. As I'm revisiting these pieces (some of which it was my honor to edit—though "edit" is a bit lofty; the Liminal prose is so clean you could eat a five-course meal off it), the more I believe he is, empirically speaking, one of the best writers ever to work at the Voice. (Sure, I'm biased—he was also the editor of 90% of my stories—but I'm not crazy.) This is a master class in sharp, engaging, exciting criticism. Heady stuff. There's not a sentence here without verbal snap or an intriguing line of thinking. And look at the friggin' range!

On Joan Didion
On Dennis Cooper
On Douglas Coupland
On Michael Turner (who kind of looks like Douglas Coupland crossed with Dennis Cooper, no?)
On Ian McEwan
On Matthew Derby
On Funny Ha-Ha
On United 93 (my theory is that this review made them change the ending)
[UPDATE: Link fixed.]
On Basic Instinct 2 (!)
On Rivette's Noli Me Tangere (NYT)
On The Intruder
On The Century of the Self
On Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

On Kylie Minogue
On The Pet Shop Boys and Pulp
On The Clientele
On Morrissey
[UPDATE: Link fixed.]
On Destroyer

Intriguing chat with William Gibson


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