Thursday, September 28, 2006

Then what does "Organic Strawberry Banana" mean?

From the Times:

Accusations of cheating in chess matches are not unprecedented, and they are sometimes a little outlandish.

In 1978, during the world title match between Anatoly Karpov and Viktor Korchnoi, Mr. Karpov had yogurt delivered to him about three hours into Game 2. Mr. Korchnoi’s camp protested, saying that the flavor, blueberry, was a code to suggest a move or strategy to Mr. Karpov.

Mr. Korchnoi’s team later said that the protest was meant to be funny, to show how ridiculous some of the protests during the match had been, but the appeals committee took it seriously. It ruled that yogurt could be delivered to Mr. Karpov at a fixed time during each game, and that the referee would have to be notified before the game if it would not be blueberry.


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