Friday, September 22, 2006

Framing devices

I (seriously) like this press release from Fantagraphics for the new The Complete Peanuts 1961–1962. It begins:

Launching into the 1960s, which many Schulz fans consider the first true Golden Age of Peanuts, The Complete Peanuts introduces a new cast member. Two, in fact: The obnoxious Frieda of "naturally curly hair" fame, and her inert, seemingly boneless cat Faron.

Later we read:

[I]n one of the strangest continuities in the history of Peanuts, the (off-panel) Van Pelt parents acquire a tangerine-colored pool table and become obsessed with it! Plus baseball blowouts (including a rare team victory), Beethoven birthdays, and plenty of dubious psychiatric help for a nickel.

* * *

In other important comics news, a deluxe Saturnhead is up. . . .

. . . and Dizzyhead Brent forwards a link to this amazingly framed Mary Worth adaptation. (Also via boingboing.) I seem to recognize former Yale Herald art editor/illustrator Annie Killelea in the first of these mini-movies; she is also one of the producers.


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