Sunday, September 17, 2006

A little brain rest...

...while you struggle with your Wire quiz answers!

Adrian was very peculiar, I think. . . . He was a classicist and was known to be working on a book, provisionally entitled Did the Ancient Greeks Smoke Cigarettes? I do not know where Adrian is now and certainly his book has not been published, but I gathered from certain mumbled remarks that Adrian let drop that the planned book was going to demonstrate that there was indeed nothing new under the sun, that the ancient Greeks were great cigarette smokers and that there were lots of references to smoking in the Iliad, if only one translated certain words correctly. This, however, was practically all I, or anyone elese, ever got out of Adrian.

—Robert Irwin, Exquisite Corpse (1995)

* * *

This recalls Donald E. Westlake's God Save the Mark (1967), in which one scribe wants to publish his masterpiece, Veni Vidi Vici Through Air Power. The book poses the question: What if Julius Caesar had access to biplanes?

* * *

I Don't Know How to Embed Videos Dept.: Time to relax with this Lionel Richie chestnut, courtesy of Dizzyhead Brandon.


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