Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pernice work if you can get it

Dizzyhead Akiva sends in the following, via Stereogum—it's Joe Pernice, of the band the Pernice Brothers, talking:

"B.S. Johnson" is simply an homage to the late great writer of the same name. It's safe to say that he was not/is not widely read here in America, but he should be. My brother is a pretty bright guy. He's read a couple books, and upon seeing the title, thought I'd created fictional character, a Walter Mitty type, named Bullshit Johnson. I told him I had, but that's for the next record.

Jonathan Coe (a master in his own right), upon hearing the song, emailed to let me know I'd managed to sum up BSJ's life in two minutes, twenty-two seconds, and that it took him 500 pages to do so in his spectacular bio of B.S. called Like a Fiery Elephant. I'm a big fan of JC's, and it was as if Elvis (Costello) had written. I told my UK publicist I am indebted to him for getting the record to Mr. Coe. And that if he gets one to Elvis Costello, I'll swim the Atlantic and wash his (my publicists, not EC's) feet.

More info on B.S. Johnson here!

To read: Pernice's book Meat Is Murder. (Nick Hornby dug it.)


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