Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We've got it covered

1. The other night, we spotted placards advertising two upcoming readings at the local Barnes & Noble. The titles in question prolong our books-as–jacket design theme, though with a touch less purity (white space in the Prose, the third dimension in the Setterfield).

2. Edward Gorey quote of the day: "I liked 'Cheers.' But the relationship between Shelley Long and Ted Danson just drove me right up the wall." —interview with Clifford Ross, 1994

3. Gawker points to a disturbing Craigslist posting, but the way it's introduced is itself a little...racist?
The Chinese can be relied upon for two things: food and spit. Regarding the latter, Animal magazine is looking for your spitting-Asian pictures, presumably for some sort of expose of the saliva-flecked streets of lower Manhattan.
Or is this somehow "OK" to say? (Someone call up Angry Asian Man!)

4. "My dad's name is Ed": Over at his Asian Pop column on, Jeff Yang draws a connection between Jet Li's Fearless (which I very much want to see) and Georgia Lee's Red Doors.

(Photo: B. Kite, Toronto)

5. And: The new New-York Ghost is officially on the stands! The stands of your mind! The digital stands! Now in convenient PDF format, it features dream dissection, pull quotes, and your weekly poem. Go to the Ghost site to sign up.

6. UPDATE: Did you know this about Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters? (Courtesy MUG.)


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