Friday, October 13, 2006

Dizzies weather update

Buffalo and surrounding areas have been hit with a couple feet (at least) of heavy, wet snow since yesterday afternoon. The slush storm caused countless downed trees (made even heavier by the presence of autumn leaves), which in turn brought down countless power lines. Even for those who choose to ignore the travel ban in most towns, fallen trees block many narrower roads. The NYS Thruway is even closed! Amazingly, I still have power in my little apartment, though not heat. Buffalo is considered the "city of good neighbors," which is indeed an apt description. When I found my car stuck in the parking lot at 7AM, I was greeted by a neighbor with a shovel, who heard my car's sad grunts. With his and his son's help, I managed to get out of the driveway, back into my parking spot.

Later on, I walked with some friends down Park Street (pictured) to grab some burgers. Although major roads had been plowed, the travel advisory sent most people out on foot to look around, walk their dogs, or survey the wreckage. I saw several cars damaged by large branches. The sight of strangers walking around with saws would normally serve to frighten on Friday the 13th; however, these were Buffalonians, who set out to cut the sad trees blocking the street. Everyone said hi to everyone else, but that's not unusual here, I suppose. The most surprising discovery of the day: my friend realized that the NFTA system is not completely useless. The straight-line subway that runs above ground in the theater district (which destroyed any semblance of downtown business in the ’80s) was actually running every 12 minutes; she was able to leave her cold, dark apartment and travel to my cold, bright one.


Blogger R. Emmet Sweeney said...

I've been getting a blow by blow update from home - and thankfully my parents have their power back, but my grandparents and aunt and uncle have been powerless since Thursday. It seems a dinner at a warm Denny's has been their only respite. It's unbelievable.

Part of me wishes I was there - I'm missing out on a story Buffalonians will be telling for generations to come.

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