Sunday, May 21, 2006

Produce, life

"I helped Rena make lunch. She said the avocados were sent all the way from the States. Of course, they'd have to be picked up and delivered in total secret fashion. You'd think they'd have rotted by then. [...]
"So this is Rena's life. She sorta just gets up in the morning and then kinda stays alive."
—Jaime Hernandez, "La Maggie La Loca," Part V (NYT Magazine, 21v06)

"I thought I would mind that Holly's always around, but it turns out it's okay. Mornings, we walk to the Casa de Fruta Fruit Stand and Bait Shop. Everything there is the size of something else: strawberries are the size of tomatoes, apples are the size of grapefruits, papayas are the size of watermelons. [...]
"Then the rest of the day happens."
—Amy Hempel, "Tonight Is a Favor to Holly," The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel


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