Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Rainbow Connection

Perhaps this bizarre rainbow cube of metal [I searched everywhere around it for a title and artist to no avail], which rests outside the Albright-Knox Gallery, will someday house the Stanley Cup. The Buffalo Sabres, also founded by the Knox family, need a victory tonight to advance to the conference semi-finals. Let us all bow to the cube to ensure a win at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, home of the Broad Street Bullies.

Philly is notoriously unwelcoming. In Game 3, after Sabres' J.P. Dumont was knocked down for several minutes, the scoreboard apparently read something like "Let's show some class out there and cheer..." when he stood up. Instead, the fans raucously booed. Even worse, The Buffalo News printed this in the Sabres Notebook section on 04.29.06 after Game 3:

Scott Norwood made an appearance in the Wachovia Center before the game.

With the arena darkened before the teams took the ice, the video scoreboard read "What Buffalo is best known for . . ."

Shown next was the NFL Films slow-motion replay of Norwood's infamous wide-right kick that could have won Super Bowl XXV for the Buffalo Bills. The screen then dissolved into a cartoon character wearing a Sabres logo, hand placed firmly around his throat.

Then, to finish the thought of what Buffalo's known for, "...CHOKING!"

Such cruelty!


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