Friday, May 19, 2006

Multi Dealer

1. From the invaluable MUG:

"J. R. R. Tolkien found the words 'cellar door' especially beautiful-sounding. For Dorothy Parker, it was 'check enclosed.' For us, it's 'multi dealer,' so of course we'd like the just-published Antiquing Weekends by Gladys Montgomery (Rizzoli, $24.95), that maps out some of the best places for treasure hunting in the country and also provides advice on where to stay."

2. Which reminded me of something I wrote way back when (first two sentences only):
"Henry James deemed "summer afternoon" the most beautiful phrase in the English language; comic-book artist Adrian Tomine makes a case for Summer Blonde, conjuring an even headier collision of sense and season. The cover sports a pouty babe in tank top; that the story in question is as much about a sociopathic stalker and a ménage-à-trois artiste as the titular fair-haired girl is a buried punchline of sorts. . . . "

3. Which reminds me to mention a new project called Graphic Language, co-created by Dizzyhead Chrita. The inaugural post features his very smart interview with the very smart Douglas Wolk. It's a terrifically informative piece—not just for comics readers, but anyone who writes/thinks about criticism.

4. Which reminds me that there hasn't been a new Mr. Saturnhead in a while—I'll get on the horn ASAP! Those slackers! (Update: The situation has been remedied.)

5. Somewhat bizarre advice for fledgling fiction writers over at Moss Jervins.


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