Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Buffalo Snooze

I've always thought The Buffalo News had one of the worst websites (to be fair, the print edition isn't much better). Fresh news content is updated usually every morning (not terribly early), although on the weekends, this seems to depend on their mood. Updates never occur during the day, of course.

So, it was with little surprise yesterday morning that I noticed this bizarre caption next to a preview of Game 2. Nowhere in the article did they quote Ruff as saying "stick a fork in 'em." I quickly saved it; less than 10 minutes later, the caption was replaced by a different quote:
"I was told if I purchased these [wristbands] and wore them... that it would bring us good luck. I've worn them for two games." (Is this really the 'best' quote?) Ruff was talking about some rubber bracelets that he bought for a fundraiser at his twins' school. He was given blue and gold bands for the Sabres' original jersey colors (sorely missed by every Buffalonian I know), along with red and black bands for the current team colors. The nod to the old colors probably means more to Ruff, since he started his NHL career as a defensive forward with the Sabres (1979-1989).

The Sabres can sweep the series against Ottawa tonight in Game 4 in Buffalo.

[You may be wondering, where is Ed? Sorry, we can't help you; we've been wondering the same thing.]


Blogger Ed said...

Back when I was a young Sabres fan, some schoolmate made up/repeated this saying, contrasting the belligerent style of Larry Playfair and the (relatively) cleaner mode favored by Ruff: "Larry's rough, but Lindy plays fair!" Nomen's not exactly omen, eh wha?

4:51 PM  
Blogger R. Emmet Sweeney said...

Let's Go Sabres

5:08 AM  

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