Friday, May 12, 2006

Twenty-Five Up

The Times asks: What is the best American work of fiction in the last 25 years?

Some personal candidates. Not sure if this is the right order.

1. Mrs. Caliban, Rachel Ingalls, 1985
(Does this not count because Ingalls has been resident in England since the ’60s? The book takes place in California.)
2. The Names, Don DeLillo, 1982
(I'm a big DeLillo fan, and if I had to pick from Underworld, Libra, and White Noise, I'd go with WN. But I think his best novel in the given time span—and perhaps his best, period—is The Names.)
3. The Age of Wire and String, Ben Marcus, 1995
4. Who Sleeps With Katz, Todd McEwen, 2003
(Does this not count because McEwen has been resident in Scotland for a long time? The book takes place in New York.)
5. Masters of Atlantis, Charles Portis, 1985

Discuss! Nicholson Baker's The Mezzanine and Donald Barthelme's Paradise might fit in somewhere, too . . .


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