Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yesterday's vocabulary

The chirality, or handedness, of molecules prevents certain reactions from taking place in chemistry and biophysics, Dr. Sandweiss noted, and affects what we can digest. —"In Brookhaven Collider, Scientists Briefly Break a Law," NYT

The jungle creatures that enthralled Bates use what are now recognized as four distinct strategies to avoid being eaten — mimicry; concealment, known as crypsis; the display of warning colors; and masquerading as inedible objects. —"Imitators That Hide in Plain Sight, and Stay Alive," NYT



Blogger mallard said...

I like those words. Now I challenge you to use them both in a sentence that makes sense. Here's my attempt:

Hiding from zealous white blood cells, the marauding virus made use of an ingenious crypsis, assuming the outward shape and chemical signature of beneficial intestinal flora, and protecting itself from digestion with the chilarity of its very molecular structure.

Whew...that's not easy.

9:17 AM  

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