Monday, February 15, 2010

Pillow talk

He wrote little fiction after becoming a teacher, a major exception being “On Venus, Have We Got a Rabbi,” published in 1974 in a Jewish-themed anthology called “Wandering Stars,” which tackles the question of whether a Hebrew-speaking alien that looks like a “wrinkled and twisted” brown pillow with short gray tentacles can be considered a Jew.
NYT obit for William Tenn


Blogger mallard said...

This isn't really apropos of this post (except insofar as it has to do with you and you are both a writer and a teacher) but I remember a story you told about your attempts to remove the temptation of the internet as you were writing Personal Days. Looking at your long list of links and really thinking about how many of your posts are also references to online sources, I now understand what a danger the internet was as a distraction.

Would Personal Days exist if your laptop had had wifi? Will Personal Days 2: The House at Pru Corner die, half imagined in the frenzy of your fascinating surfing?

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