Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Come on, let's move it

My buddy John (who first told me about It Happened in Boston? and Cards of Identity, and who wrote the New-York Ghost theme song!) recently got his collection of cassingles out of hock (aka his dad's basement). Which ones do you have?

I feel like this should be a poster.

(From the archives: A message from John, about why he's been out of touch, ca. 2005. Tantalizing tidbit: "As I’m walking through the apartment with my understandably rubbernecking neighbors in tow, I realize that the four big bullets have gone through the bedroom window, through the bedroom wall, across the living room and into and through the opposite wall, where there’s a sliding glass door that opens out onto my balcony.")



Blogger john said...

I am doubly flattered now, to see the reference to my post-shoot-'em-up message!

7:46 PM  

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