Monday, February 01, 2010


John Deming's piece "Salinger's Poets" includes a bit from his novella The Inverted Forest, about a fictional poet named Raymond Ford:

“I have such nice friends,” she told him enthusiastically. “They all know your poetry. Some even live on it.”

“Corinne, I don’t mix too well–”

Corinne leaned forward joyfully, remembering something.

“That’s what Miss Aigletinger once yelled about you into my father’s thing. Do you remember Miss Aigletinger?”

Ford nodded unnostalgically. “What would I have to do if I met them?” he asked.

(from Travis)

* * *

Steve Hely
: "It's a sad day for readers. Every adolescent goes through a Louis Auchincloss phase."

* * *

From the Parkives: J.D. Salinger, Author of...Lolita?

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