Wednesday, February 06, 2008

There goes the neighborhood

The haunts of the Ed of yore—back when I lived on West 83rd St. between Broadway and Amsterdam, mid-’90s-ish—were Book Ark, NYCD, and Columbus Bakery, where I wrote most of my (second!) unpublished novel, Dementia Americana. The first two establishments disappeared years ago; Columbus Bakery, though, seemed like an imperishable standby—reasonable prices, good light, they don't nudge you out, good traffic from breakfast till dinner.

It closed last fall, with a sign telling customers to look forward to its new "concept" in January. Last week, I saw that it was by no means going to be anything like a bakery/café, but rather a "pizza by the inch" place called Pinch (which I had gone to once, when it was open near the PTSNBN). It is a clever name but not the best idea. What is this, HOME DEPOT??

The very brief item in the Times does not register my shock! I must move on!!!



Blogger Sarah Weinman said...

I was wondering what happened to Columbus Bakery! I so liked that place but it is far away from where I live. Talk about a WTF move!

9:17 PM  
Blogger Arlo Ogg said...

where will i buy all my slice-of-bread-wearing-a-hat-and-carrying-a baguette paraphernalia?

4:47 PM  

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