Friday, February 01, 2008

Its hour come at last

The Other Ed dives into the U.S. Copyright Office...

Strangely, this is not me:

Park, Ed, 1970- Psychological self-defense : the art of fighting manipulation, distortion, and control. TXu001102828 2003

But this is!:

Park, Edward, 1970- Rough beast : a short play / by Ed Park. PAu001133266 1988

Haven't thought about this in ages—a play I wrote during h.s. (in my "Max Fischer" phase?!), performed at the (now defunct?) Franklin Street night only! My senior project! I wish I had some archival photos to scan in...ah, youth!

The play was directly inspired by watching Sam Shephard's Cowboy Mouth! The three characters were lapsed Mormons, living in Sèvres, France, where one of them was...a guard (?) the home of the international standard unit of measure for the kilogram!



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