Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Table-talk of Parkus Grammaticus for February 5

I. Oh-h-h Yeh-hhh? Via Fantagraphics: A blog called Crumbling Paper, featuring scans of old newspaper comics. (It pointed me to an original George Herriman cartoon up on eBay, left.)

II. Last summer, Dizzies fave Selfdivider translated, from Korean, an interview with Haruki Murakami (appearing in the Jan. ’07 GQ Korea). Here is part 1, here is part 2, here is part 3, and here is part 4. (Via this blog's Sitemeter...and Three Percent.)

It's interesting to look at the Murakamis on sale at Koryo Books on 32nd St.—several titles for which there seem to be no English translations available.

III. A fresh New-York Ghost is out, featuring a tantalizingly good art/text project by M. Rebekah Otto and a dude named Aristotle.

IV. Via Linksmeister General Thomas: Sydney Greenstreet singing "Sugar, Sugar."

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Blogger Mollie said...

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Blogger Mollie said...

(Trying again...) I don't totally get that comic, but it looks like a very early They'll Do It Every Time, right down to the oddly rendered dialogue. ("D'jever notice? You draw a cartoon about newfangled technology... And long after your death, somebody finds it and sells it using even more newfangled technology! Hoo-oo-oo boy!")

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