Saturday, October 06, 2007

When the other team attacks

Like Perec, the author of this NYT article on zambonis likes to quote Peanuts. (He also has an amazing name: Hary Hurt III!)

Apart from the inventor, few people did more to transform the Zamboni into a pop cultural icon than the cartoonist Charles M. Schultz. A Minnesota native and hockey fan, Schultz made over 50 references to Zambonis in his comic strips and films. Schultz provided a miniature Zamboni for the tiny bird Woodstock to use when his birdbath iced over. But he awarded the honor of driving most of his imaginary Zambonis to Snoopy, the ice skating beagle.

“As the world famous hockey coach, what do you do when the other team attacks?” asked Charlie Brown.

“Circle the Zambonis!” Snoopy replied.

(Thanks to Jane.) Required listening here.

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