Friday, October 05, 2007

"Let's go out into the nature"

Besides "making lists," Dizzyhead Andrea (wife of Team Dizzies Member Rob!) likes:

Feeding people, fat kids, monkeys, ice cream, the Staten Island Ferry, bourbon, dogs, especially the ones who look big and fierce (but are invariably gentle and sweet), the countryside, snow, laughing (possibly at monkeys), beer, beaches, sunlight on water, boats, Martha's Vineyard, Martha Stewart, the way Rob watches movies with so much enthusiasm and excitement, Nelly Bly, Amy Sedaris, Mabel Normand, hash browns with bacon and coffee (optimally followed by a day of playing the snow), amoral Czech fairy tales, mermaids, Simpsons Halloween specials, obscure NYC history, Dracula (the novel), Coke (the beverage), the New York Public Library, John Barrymore, The Golden Girls, Absolutely Fabulous, House MD (Seasons 1 & 2), cheesy ghost tours, the haunted house ride at Disneyworld, strong hot tea, a hot bath, my mother's expressions of disgust ("Phooey!"), her insults ("Space-cadet schmuck!") and her little turns of phrase ("Let's go out into the nature"), Dorothy Shaw and Lorelei Lee, and any friendship where you would split your last dime/cup of coffee with your girlfriend when stranded penniless in Paris.

...and dislikes:

Pantyhose, never having enough time, global-warming-deniers, shopping, air conditioning, cars, bad lighting, House MD (Season 3), spots (I'm a grown woman, dammit!), people who look at your computer monitor over your shoulder, pigeons, the sound of styrofoam being crushed/ripped, Times Square, Upper East Side bars, weak water pressure, and American cheese, unless it's in a grill-cheese on white bread and served with lots of ketchup

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