Thursday, February 01, 2007

Podium jitters — exquisite boredom — Sammy Davis Melville — new Believer sort of ROCKS

The new Believer is out, with some great stuff, including Dizzyhead Rachel's wonderful piece on public speaking and Dizzyhead Stubes's look at the "new" Philip K. Dick novel. (The rest of the stuff is by people who do not identify as Dizzyheads, but possibly wish they were Dizzyheads.) Don't miss Ghita Schwarz's boredom epic, John Freeman's personal take on Updike, Alec Michod's interview with Richard Powers...woah...lots of good stuff here. I tried reading Jack Pendarvis's take on Moby-Dick as written by Sammy Davis Jr. and had to stop three times because I kept laughing. Then I was able to control myself and finished it....also: Chris Bachelder, Steve Burt, David Byrne interviewing Olivia Judson (!), Carrie Brownstein (ex–Sleater-Kinney) interviewing Cheryl Hines (!!)...and more...Only a fraction of this stuff can be seen online, so you might as well subscribe!

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Blogger rgratzer said...

Gah. I'm seriously getting behind on issues. They seem to come so fast lately. Or, rather, I seem to read them so slow lately. Anyway, thanks for reminding me to catch up.

(and I hope you keep us posted about any more Dizzyhead reviews of "Voices from the Street." ;)

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