Tuesday, January 30, 2007

That was fast!

Remember that song I was going on about the other day—or rather yesterday? Now you can give it a listen over at Driftwood Singers. You won't be sorry! (A tip of the hat to 'Dizzyhead Lefty.')

She has to stay
I get to leave
I guess that's what friends are for...

Just now it's dark
Radio's off
There's a pillow in the back of the car...

* * *

A quick Google search unearths this ancient appreciation by Charles Taylor in Salon...and it looks like Christgau's also given their platters the thumbs up...

* * *

Also love how: The title's only sung at the end. (That's pretty radical!)

* * *

UPDATE: Here's more on the Vulgar Boatmen!


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