Monday, January 29, 2007

The Raincoats

Dizzyhead Christine has the scoop on this year's Idiotarod, a bizarre, two-borough shopping-cart race featuring absurdly conceived mush-squads:
A team called Fishstick Breakfast went a step further in their preparation for sacking other teams—and being hit. Their shopping cart resembled a fishing boat and was stocked with grease-filled balloons, small raw squid and a slingshot so large it required two people to operate. Team members were dressed in yellow raincoats to allow any foul food they might be assaulted with to slide off.

Other teams were more innocuous, such as one comprised of five girls dressed as unicorns, who justified their choice by explaining: "Unicorns are unique and magical creatures!"

Team Cosby wore dark-hued multicolored sweaters, à la The Cosby Show. Their schtick included chanting "Hey hey hey, its Fat Albert!” and flinging Jello at passing carts.


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