Saturday, January 27, 2007

Smoke gets in your eyes—and food gets in your beer!

The soundtrack of coincidence: The last two movies I saw both featured the song "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes." One was from 2006 (Three Times). The other was from 1935—what was it?

* * *
In the New York Observer, Sloane Crosley hearts Kicking and Screaming: "This is a film which taught me how to return beer if there’s food in it."

* * *

Should have mentioned, in the apostrophic post from earlier this week, a man who has an apostrophe in his very name—Dizzyhead Pete L'Official, of Brazilian book-vending-machine photo fame!

* * *

Last year, Dizzyhead Paul tracked down a song I'd had in my head: "Linda Linda" by Paranmaum, the short-lived girl group in the Japanese film Linda Linda Linda. How? He describes his technique in this Slate piece. He also weighs in on some of the tracks he's uncovered:
Japan's bands are by turns bracingly experimental and jubilantly retro, a land where our own greatest music returns with an alienated majesty. How else can one describe the King Brothers' "100%," a song that could make the Black Crowes eat Humble Pie? Or Syrup16g's Elvis Costello-esque "I Hate Music"? Or "Johnny Depp" by Triceratops, an amp-crunching reanimation of Physical Graffiti-era Zep? And you'd swear that the Pillows' "Degeneration" was a hidden track on Matthew Sweet's Altered Beast.

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