Sunday, February 25, 2007

K is for...

1. Kingsley Amis:

—Get your hair cut...Get your hair cut.
This suggestion was being offered to the television set, more particularly to the actress Linda Hamilton every time she appeared on screen. We were watching a tape of The Terminator (again). An old science-fiction hand, Kingsley was a great fan of The Terminator, and seven years later he would make no secret of his admiration for Terminator 2 ('a flawless masterpiece'), which I took him to at the Odeon, Marble Arch.
—Martin Amis, Experience

2. ...and for "Keiko"—who has cut my hair (Get your hair cut...) for the past decade, nearly, at no less than three different establishments; and who is no longer, alas, at her salon, which (on Thursday) could give me no further information as to her whereabouts. I am of course bereft. Lately she has been limiting her haircuttery to one day a week, the rest of the week working in an office (non-hair-related), and I knew it was only a matter of time before she shifted into her new career completely...but still...
This happened once before—and the circumstances, or rather the aftermath, of that prior disappearance prompt me to memorialize her in this space. When Keiko first vanished (for that is what it felt like), I initially tried another haircutter at the same place, with disappointing results; six weeks or so went by, and I hoped against hope that she had returned, but she hadn't, so I tried a place on 32nd St., Koreatown—the translation of this salon's name is roughly "Let's cut and see?" Somehow I didn't enjoy this, either, and as I wandered outside, I felt overcome by vertigo, for the first time—I wrote down the sensations on a pink meat-counter ticket, which must exist somewhere amid my burgeoning dust-covered papers.
Get your hair cut...

3. And J is, once again, for jetlag, jetlag, jetlag.

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Blogger Arlo Ogg said...

Once I left the city, I estimate it took over 24 months to recover from Keiko dependence, which explains the long, shapeless locks I sported several years ago... and my current reliance on wigs.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Kosiya said...

Cut Your Hair
(stop it!)
Darlin' don't you go and cut your hair
Do you think it's gonna make him change?
"I'm just a boy with a new haircut"
And that's a pretty nice haircut
Charge it like a puzzle
Hit men wearing muzzles
Hesitate you die
Look around, around
The second drummer drowned
His telephone was found

Music scene's crazy
Bands start up each and every day
I saw another one just the other day
A special new band
I remember lying
I don't remember a line
I don't remember a word
But I don't care , I care, I really don't care
Did you see the drummer's hair?

Advertising looks and chops a must
No big hair!
Songs mean a lot when songs are bought
And so are you
Face right down to the practice room
Attention and fame's a career
Korea Korea Korea Korea etc.

1:51 PM  

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