Saturday, February 24, 2007

F is for...

...this amazing fruit:

It's apparently a recent hybrid—not sure what the name is. Could be something related to a "pineapple guava" or "sweetsop" or "custard apple"...unbelievably good! The inside is about the color of an apple, the flesh firm but not fibrous (nor crisp); the seeds are large, resembling three-dimensional watermelon seeds and having a pleasing tactile quality, sort of like marbles.

* * *

And G is for...

'What do you do, Martin?"
'I'm a writer, Moby.'
'But that's really interesting,' she said sternly. 'You're a writer? What do you write?'
'Uh. Fiction. Stuff like that.'
'John roar mainstream?' she seemed to say.
'I mean are they mainstream novels and stories or thrillers or sci-fi or something like that?'
'What's mainstream?'
—Martin Amis, Money

* * *

Whilst H is simply for...


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