Thursday, February 22, 2007

D is for...

...Din Tai Fung, one of the "best restaurants in the world," according to Dizzyhead Hua. I heartily concur. Their soup dumplings make you never want to darken the doorstep of Joe's Shanghai ever again! Here we see the women attending to the massive line outside. What's good is that you place your order while you wait, so that service is prompt upon seating.

D is also for Davidson:
If I were an astronaut I would want Tang, drinking what's essentially glorified sugar-water would seem wholly justifiable under the circumstances (when I was little I had a friend who had Tang at her house, it was the height of culinary excitement as far as I can remember, did we not when we were children in the 1970s actually want to eat Tang from the jar with a spoon?).

...and for..."darned funny"! Here's Mollie at Restricted View:
A woman in the office where I am working this week asked another person, "Is today some holiday where people get the thing on their foreheads?" Next year I think I'll carry around some informational literature.


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