Sunday, January 07, 2007

Books in Brazil — Education Life extravaganza

Dizzyhead Pete is reporting to us from Brazil (he didn't know it, but he is) and is marveling at the book-selling vending machines. He directs us to this article:
Titles include translations of Sherlock Holmes, works by Brazilian best-seller Paulo Coelho and even a dictionary of mathematics—surprisingly, one of the most popular among Sao Paulo Metro passengers.

Other best-sellers include practical vegetarian recipes and the consumer defence code.

Mr Buononetto has spent two-and-a-half years working on his idea of offering "food for the mind" rather than food for the body...

He believed that the books—all sold at the same price of about $1.50—will appeal to people who do not normally buy books, and make reading more accessible.

"The other fascinating thing," Pete tells us, "is that one can find Kant and Nietzsche in newsstands, right next, quite frankly. Makes for new and interesting publishing decisions, to say the least."

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And! Today's NYT Education Life has great pieces by Dizzyheads/EdSupp alums Rachel and Christine, about covert naked parties on campus and classes that also exist in "Second Life," respectively.


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