Monday, January 01, 2007

Back to Basics — The Inland Emperor's Children

Dizzyhead Paul alerts us to this in-depth Oregonian piece on John Epley, anti-dizziness doc.

Sample passage:

Cathy Epley went out on a limb. With scant knowledge of running a company, she worked 10 months without pay, writing grant proposals and a business plan. She named the business Vesticon, and she and her father held monthly "board meetings" at American Dream Pizza, across Glisan Street from the elder Epley's office.

(There's a bit about the Epley maneuver in this old Times article, too.)

* * *

Some thoughts on Inland Empire to come soon—probably as part of the Dizzies' 2006 film-roundup (we won't call it a poll!), which might be held in conjunction with The New-York Ghost. Till then—read Dizzyhead Devin's incisive take, over at Pop With a Shotgun.

Sample passage:
And like a giant block of granite, the film is impermeable, unliftable, and will crack your skull if you bang your brain against it long enough. It would be spiteful to deny its unearthliness, and mere genius worship to deny its dreadfulness.


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