Thursday, January 04, 2007

Poll position — Tracking a subway story — Berryman holds steady

At Salon, Andrew O'Hehir previews 11 new films, and praises Dizzies tastemaking idol Dennis Lim—while slagging those responsible for the disappearance of the PTSNBN's film poll.

* * *

Life imitates art: The other day, construction worker Wesley Autrey (who is black) saved the life of film student Cameron Hollopeter (who is white). Hollopeter had fallen onto the subway tracks, and Autrey leaped down and immobilized him while a train passed above them. Cormac McCarthy fans/theater buffs might be reminded of the setup to the recent play The Sunset Limited.

* * *

Berryman is Finn, but so is Stosuy: At the Poetry Foundation site, the amazing, occasionally bearded Brandon Stosuy mashes up the Dream Songs bard and the Hold Steady.


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