Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fox news

The building housing Micawber Books in Princeton has been bought by the university, which "promised to bring in Labyrinth Books" (of NYC and New Haven fame). (I think I bought two books at Micawber, years ago—something by Ishiguro, probably An Artist of the Floating World, and a hardcover edition of Nabokov's Ada, before I realized hardcover Adas were everywhere.)

Interesting detail:

Mr. Fox began as a bookseller in the ’70s at the Strand Book Store in Manhattan, and moved to Princeton to open Micawber, then a store devoted entirely to secondhand books from his own personal library. His father, Joe Fox, was an editor at Random House, nurturing the careers of John Irving and Truman Capote.[...]

In her 1998 film, “You’ve Got Mail,” Nora Ephron used the name of his father, who, as it happens, was also a former boyfriend of hers. Joe Fox was the name she gave the character played by Tom Hanks, a chain bookstore owner who swiftly puts Meg Ryan and her tiny shop around the corner out of business.

Of course, in the Micawber story, Logan Fox is in the Meg Ryan role, the person who champions the mom-and-pop store and derides the corporate behemoth.

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