Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sweeney God

Many thanks to R. Emmet Sweeney for filling in! Jazz, football, spelunking, country music—several things heretofore not really covered on The Dizzies! Hopefully R.E.S. will pay a return visit soon. In the meantime, visit Termite Art for your Sweeney fix.

* * *

To tide you over until Hua's Dizzies debut, here's an amazing excerpt from Ahree Lee's short film Me (also check out her website).

And here's something from this week's reading matter:
Everything she saw now reminded her of Egypt. It was like following the clues in a detective story. It was like being in love. Once you were aware of a thing, a name, or a word, you began to notice it everywhere.

—Rachel Ingalls, "Third Time Lucky" (from The Pearlkillers)


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