Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Connections Week (#3): Intellectual Property Law Is My Bag

Back in 2001, I wrote a story with a very long title, penned specifically to be read at an event. (Jane Yeh and Kelly Link were the other readers, and I think I was conscious of writing something both of them would like.) Later it appeared in the 2003 anthology Trampoline. Here is a brief description of the piece (from a review in Locus):

[...] Ed Park's "Well-Moistened with Cheap Wine" provides entertaining diversion and the marvelous opening lines: "It was good where I was. I lived with seventeen beautiful, intelligent woman, all named Tina, so I never got their names wrong. My name was also Tina, and it was pleasant to hear the chatter at dinner." Park's story is rather less whimsical than it at first seems — which is to say, there's something harder underneath about the subject of identity.

(The title is actually ten words longer—it's from a German song, quoted in The Anatomy of Melancholy.) I include this description not for own-horn-tooting, but because Dizzyhead Jorge informed me of a similar-sounding scenario at the upcoming Fringe Festival:

Writer: S. Melinda Dunlap
Director: Luke Leonard
In Wledgekno State Park even a demented doll begins to make sense. Something dark, deep, and sure as shit uncertain happens in this land of nowhere to some lost nobodies. When 7 girls named robin arrive, it gets even wackier.
1h 30m Manhattan New York Comedy Puppetry
VENUE #20: The Actors� Playhouse

* * *

Seven Robins? Seventeen Tinas? You decide! ("Actors?"?)

And is it just me, or does Wledekno State Park contain my name? (My story takes place on an island not found on any map.)

* * *

In non-crazy-person news: August Believer is out!

Hoberjammin': Excellent London Review of Books piece on Warhol's Screen Tests.

And tonight: Toni Schlesinger reads at the Skyscraper Museum.


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