Thursday, August 17, 2006


One more that got dropped from yesterday's line-up:

Crime's "Hot Wire My Heart": MPfree here


All this blogging is killing my wrists. So today's entry will be very brief, scattered and almost adjective-free. Overheard in my notebook, on my desktop, etc...

Glad to report Ed-in-hiding is doing well and wearing shorts.

An odd moment of life/art synchronicity: reaching for my Skor bar during Goodbye, Dragon Inn

Compelling pro-war logic? "“Besides ending slavery, fascism, Nazism and Communism, war has never solved anything.”

From a post-it note:
79 - David Bowie
55 - Lord Finesse
29 - Aphex Twin
(I have no idea what this possibly means.)

From a student paper: "The ironic remove suggested by Eco is both an intrinsic part of postmodernist art and thought and its biggest drawback. Irony allows 'high' art to face and use both the past and 'low' art without being forced to retreat to ever-more-rarefied avant-gardism. However, ironony also leads to the chance that, rather thn, it is possible to understand the game but to not take it seriously, it is far more possible to understand the game and refus to take it seriously. When all sides rely only on irony rather than any other qualities, we end up with The Simple Life being renewed for another season. And nobody wants that."

The worst thing ever: people who reach the bottom (or top) step and then stand there and look around.

"There's just so much to learn. The hard way. Like, they really need to have some kind of breast gauge that tells you if the feeding is going properly. Well, now that I think about it - if babies could talk, that make everything really easy."

The closing line from a Fox 5 location report, circa 2004: “Quintessential Boston Red Sox fans—using city construction materials to play beer pong. Back to you, Joe."

"There are so many kids."
"Too many kids."
"Hey--why does that one have a black eye?"

"Thank you very much, sir. THAT WAS AWESOME. That food was awesome!"
"(something in Chinese)"

From The Squid and the Whale: ""I regret sometimes I wasn't more of a free agent when I was younger."

Ibid.: "It's very Kafkaesque." "That's cause...Kafka wrote it."

"A lot of Peruvian men seem to age into Lorne Green."

Idlewild the movie is a lot better than Idlewild the album, though neither will really explain what Andre 3000 really thinks/wants.


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