Monday, August 28, 2006

Cat Power

Three weeks...three guest bloggers...but now...I'm back!

[Cue tumbleweed.]

Many thanks to Izzy for kicking it up...yet another notch! (That's right: I was interning with Emeril during my absence from the blogosphere.) And she deserves another salute: In what's easily the most public appearance of The Dizzies ever, Slate's "Today's Blogs" picked up on the Izzmeister's two-cents re that noxious Forbes piece about marrying career women!

Oh, Don Piano: Izz also made the (D)izzies a cat-friendly hangout spot, and with this in mind, I hereby offer three more links for furface fans:

1. A mysterious personage blogs about...her sister's cat, with the sort of twisted brilliance unseen since the photo captions in CREEM. (Humor tip: For extra yuks, click the "About Me" portion, to learn the talented feline's occupation.)

2. Permanent Monday, the Garfield exegesis blog, continues to amuse and amaze.

3. Dizzyhead Hua sent me this video of Cat Power performing "The Greatest" on ex-Squeezester Jools Holland's TV show. (I haven't figured out how to embed the videoscreen here, talking-cat style.) I love how she sort of makes he-man arms as she sings the first line. Also something about her here reminds me of Nico during her dark-haired days. Maybe just the length of the hair. But she seems happier. And has a better voice.


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Welcome back, ED!

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