Friday, June 09, 2006

Personal daze

The Dizzies is doing another one of its mysterious disappearing acts, but will return before too long. (Arlo may drop in for the occasional posting/curiosity.)

In the meantime!

Download pick: Voxtrot!

Out now: The Believer's music issue!

Keep your eye on Dizzyhead Paul's Weekend Stubble for a great post in the spirit of our buddy "Stevie B."!

Random deeply moving quote for the week: "Of the seven feelings natural to mankind, melancholy is the most intractable." —Chin P'ing Mei, translated by David Tod Roy

Question: What are the other six?

I don't like: Ann Coulter!

Antiquated parlor games over at Ought!

Light reading—literally!: The Crier, a new thin journal, debuts, with Dizzyhead Izzy's smart, spirited piece on Caitlin Flanagan.

Different Opal—fictitious?

New Saturnhead!

Over at the Voice, a great "consumer guide" style piece by John F. Szwed on Sun Ra! Check out this intro: It's as if Sun Ra planned the hopelessness of the task from the beginning. Pick the best of what might be an infinite number of recordings? Nobody has them all or knows how many exist. Find the recording dates of music made by people for whom time meant nothing, who often mixed together recordings from different years? Even the album titles are dicey, sometimes with a word or two wrong, or with the same title used on more than one recording, or with no title given at all. Sometimes there was no cover. It's all part of the Sun Ra mystique and also, incidentally, the force that drives all collecting: not just that you want to own them all, but that you'll never be sure if you have them all.

(Dig it!)

Movie Pick: Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room!


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