Thursday, June 01, 2006

Block Party

The Sabres are known for their shot blocking and possibly lead the league for most blocked shots. Apparently, this means the players tend to stand between their goal and a slapshot traveling upwards of 90 mph in order to make their goalie's job a bit easier. Most other players try to steer clear, but for some reason, the Sabres brace themselves for these shots. (The Carolina Hurricanes are also high on the list of blocked shots).

Well, our propensity for shotblocking has inadvertently cost us another injury. Jay McKee, the most valuable defenseman on the team, did not travel to Carolina for Game 7 tonight. McKee has blocked more than 60 shots during this playoff run; one shot during the Ottawa series resulted in a cut on his shin. Today we learn about that cut for the first time, that it never healed, that McKee is out with a serious skin infection. Yet another defenseman is out for the most important game of the playoffs. There is a sort of curse on Buffalo sports teams that I never really believed in, though now it seems a little less ridiculous.


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